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Why Granada?

Granada City is the capital of the province of Granada in Andalusia, Spain. It is located in the mountain foot of Sierra Nevada at the convergence of Darro, Beiro, Monachil and Genil rivers. It will only take you one hour from the Costa Tropical by car.

Since year 2005, the national census has recorded the population of Granada City to 236,982 and an estimated of 472,638 population on the entire urban area. Granada was ranked 13 in the largest urban area in Spain. 3.3% of the population in Granada is not natural Spanish citizen and most of them came from South America.

The Alhambra is also located in the city of Granada. It is a Moorish palace and citadel and it is referred as the most famous in the historical legacy of Andalusia Islamic community. It have several cultural attractions and made Granada to become one of the popular tourist destinations in Spain. The influence of Almohad Caliphate has preserved the neighborhood of Granada which is called Albaicin because of its Morisco and Moorish fine examples.

History of Granada

The region that surrounds Granada have experienced Visigoth and Roman influences and was already been populated since 5500 BC. By 7th century B.C., Granada was called Elibyre and during 1st century A.D., it was called Iliberi as one of the Roman municipalities.